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Recently, there have been rising number of complaints in the Official Blogger Help Community about not being able to share their Blogger / Blogspot blogs in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and even on WhatsApp. From my observation, it seems that once a blog is blocked in any one of the platforms, it is blocked from being shared in other platforms owned by Facebook Inc. If you are lucky it may be possible to unblock your blog from Facebook and Instagram. Let’s find out how.

When you publish a new blog post, you would naturally wish it to be read by your friends and other real people. The best way to bring these readers to your blog is to share the blog post on the biggest social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But what if your blog is black-listed by Facebook?

In this blog post, I will talk about these main topics:

  1. Find out if your blog is blocked on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Why your blog is blocked on Facebook and Instagram
  3. How to unblock your blog on Facebook and Instagram

So let’s get into the details.

Find out if your blog is blocked on Facebook and Instagram

It is very important to find out if your blog or website is banned on Facebook, because it matters!

Why does it matter?

Just think about it, if your loyal readers are not able to share your blog in their timeline, you might be losing out on tons of potential traffic. Not only that, your loyal readers might turn skeptical about you and your blog seeing the scary warning from Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram are well integrated with each other. So if your blog is blocked from being shared on Facebook, chances are it is also blocked from being shared on Instagram. You blog will not go through Instagram DM or on Facebook Messenger either.

According to the latest news, Facebook Inc. also plans to integrate WhatsApp Messenger with Facebook. So, whether or not your care Facebook thinks of your blog, being blocked on major social media platforms will cast a bad image on your brand and will your blog.

How to know if your blog is banned by Facebook?

To find out if your blog or website is banned on Facebook, the easiest way is to create a new post on your Facebook feed with a link to the blog.

If your blog is banned, the post won’t be created and you will see a notification as shown below.

blogger blogspot blocked facebook

To find if your blog is blocked on Instagram, the best way to is send a DM the URL of your blog to one of your friends.

If your blog is banned, the message won’t go through and you will see a red cross under the message as seen in the screenshot below.

blogger blocked on facebook

Alternatively, you could also use the Facebook sharing debugger tool.

If your blog is blocked, you will see an error message that says

We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.

as seen in the following screenshot.

blogger blocked on facebook 1

Why your blog is blocked on Facebook and Instagram

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that Facebook is really vague about providing the actual reason for blocking your blog. They just say that the content of your blog doesn’t meet their community standards and it makes things harder for normal blogs that don’t violate the community guidelines.

According to this Facebook Help page, they may block people from sharing content that seems suspicious or abusive to their security systems. We don’t know what criteria or method Facebook employs in its automated security system to determine if the content is suspicious or abusive.

There could be several reasons why your blog was determined as abusive:

Excessive sharing and spamming of your blog on Facebook

Some people get too enthusiastic about their new blog post and go on a posting spree sharing the blog in multiple Facebook groups, posts, and comments in hopes to bring visitors. This is actually a bad idea and might trigger Facebook’s security system to mark your blog and account as suspicious.

People reported your posts for spamming

Even if Facebook’s security system didn’t mark you for spamming, it is possible that other users in Facebook might have reported your posts for spam. This is highly likely to happen if you go on dropping link to your blog on irrelevant groups or posts.

Maybe there is objectionable content in your blog

Your blog may have some content that triggered Facebook’s security system when they scanned the blog. This could be some because of vulgar words or even links to external sites that may have such objectionable content according to Facebook.

It is a case of false positive

Facebook’s security system is automated and it is possible for such an automated system to have false positives at times. But when it comes to Blogger blogs, it seems that Facebook is wrong many times and unfairly mark them as violating their community standards.

A common pattern I observe in such unfairly banned Blogspot  blogs are:

Lack of HTTPS / SSL certificate

This is 2019! All the transfer of data via the internet is expected by default to take place over a secure and encrypted form via HTTPS. In the case of websites or blogs, this secure communication is enabled by SSL certificates. Some of the Blogspot blogs that were blocked on Facebook didn’t have HTTPS enabled. Blogger provides a free HTTPS / SSL certificate for all blogs on its platform. If your Blogger blog does not have HTTPS enabled, get it enabled now.

Using the free domains

Blogger is a free service and anyone can create a new blog with a free sub-domain on .blogspot.com URL. Though it sounds great, there is a bad side to this. The amount of abuse that people do with Blogger platform is just too much. I have a list of over a hundred thousand blogs on Blogger platform that are designed to do nothing but divert traffic to various sites that violate Facebook’s community standards. So, seeing that your blog is also using the free .blogspot.com URL, it is possible their system has a suspicion if your blog is one of them.

This issue is not limited to .blogspot.com domain. Free domain extensions like .tk, .wordpress.com could also be subject to this issue, depending on how many spams exist under those domains.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to use the custom domain name for your blog.

Fortunately, even if your blog was unfairly banned, Facebook provides a way to request for review of your blog which will then be manually reviewed by a real human. We will cover about requesting review in the next section.

How to unblock your blog on Facebook and Instagram

There are only so many ways to get your blog unbanned on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s look into them.

Enable HTTPS

Lack of HTTPS is a major red flag nowadays. It makes sense that Facebook don’t want it’s users to be exposed to insecure websites. If you don’t have HTTPS enabled in your blog or website, you should get it enabled.

Read: Guide on how to enable HTTPS / SSL certificate for Blogger blogs

Use custom domain

Like mentioned earlier, using free domains like .blogspot.com or .tk might land you in trouble again. The best way is to get a proper custom domain name for your blog. Custom domain names cost only a few bucks a year and adding a custom domain is very easy. If you are looking for the best domain registrars to buy a custom domain, check out this article: Where to buy custom domain name?

Request for review

This is the easiest way to unblock your blog. Facebook provides a way to request a review of your Facebook post which will then be manually reviewed by a human.

To request for review, check your notification to see more details and there will be an option similar to below.

blogger blogspot unblock facebook

Alternatively, if you are on the Facebook sharing debugger tool page, click on the link “let us know” to request for review.

If they mention any issues with your blog which go against Facebook’s community standard, address them and get them fixed. When you are on Facebook, you have to play by their rules.

Migrate to another blogging platform

If none of the above solutions got your blog unblocked on Facebook and Instagram, maybe it is time to migrate to other blogging platforms like WordPress or hosting services where such issues rarely happen.


If you care about your blog and are serious about its growth, it is important that your blog has a good standing on major social media platforms. In this article, I tried my best to cover this issue in detail and propose the best solutions to get your blog / website unblocked on Facebook and Instagram and I hope you found it helpful.

Has your blog been banned on Facebook or Instagram? How did you handle it? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comments section below.

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