Are you disappointed that Twitter doesn’t show previews or thumbnails of your Blogspot blog when shared on twitter? This tool will help you generate the codes needed to display Twitter summary card for Blogger / Blogspot blogs.

How to use?

  1. Enter the Twitter username that you want to associate with your blog. This is optional
  2. Select the size of summary card Twitter should generate for your blog. Selecting a Large size is recommended.
  3. Click Generate to see a sample preview of summary card and get the code for it.
  4. Click on Copy code button to copy the generated code to your clipboard.
  5. Go to your Blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML.
  6. In your theme code, after the <head> tag, paste it.
  7. Click on Save theme button. Check it is working correctly using the Twitter Card Validator tool here.
  8. Twitter should now automatically show thumbnail from your blog whenever it is shared.

Still confused? Check out this guide: How to show link previews / thumbnails for Blogger blogs on Twitter.