blogger related posts plugin

Blogger Related Posts Plugin

Install our Blogger Related Posts Plugin to automatically show related blog posts in your Blogger / Blogspot blogs.

For this plugin to work properly, your blog must meet the following requirements:

  • Your blog must be public.
  • Blog posts should have at least one label.

How to Install Blogger Related Posts Plugin

  1. The default title of this plugin is “Related Posts”. You may customize the title by entering Custom Title below.
  2. Click on the Add to Blogger button below to easily install this plugin on your blogger blog.

Frequently Asked Question

I have installed the plugin, but it is not working. What could be the problem?

For the plugin to work, your blog must be public and the blog post should have at least one label attached to it. If it is not working even after that, it could be because:

  1. The plugin was not added at proper location. For example, in Emporio theme, make sure this plugin is added to Sidebar (Item Page) section. You can check it by going to Blogger Layout Settings.
  2. You have not added labels to your blog post.
  3. Labels are not visible in your blog.
  4. Blogger was not able to find related posts with the added label.
  5. You are using a third party template which may cause issues.

Related Posts plugin is not working in mobile view. What to do?

If the plugin is not working in mobile view, you must be using an older versions of Blogger themes such as Simple, Picture Window, Watermark etc. Check out this article on how to fix it: Blogger Related Posts Plugin fix for older themes.

How to get help?

Unfortunately, I am no longer providing support for anything related to Blogger. If it doesn’t work as you expect, I suggest that you try another solution. Good luck!

5 responses to “Blogger Related Posts Plugin”

  1. I just installed the widget and it works but not in all posts and it shows only 1 related posts. Could you help me to figured out it? Thanks!

    1. ScratchTheWeb Team avatar
      ScratchTheWeb Team

      That must be because the labels added to those posts have only 1 post. This plugin finds related posts with the help of labels.

      If you want me to have a look, send me the URL to those posts.

      1. inbalitimur_ssci avatar

        I had to register in order to replying the same issue warokren experienced. My website already have many labels added, but the widget detects only few articles with related post, sometimes only works for some page. How long it takes to recognize all the article made before the widget added? And how to resolve it? My blog’s site is setiapgedung (dot) web (dot) id.

  2. CheekyCognoscenti avatar

    Just loaded your widget after discovering that LinksWithin had stopped working on my Blogger blog. It’s working as far as displaying posts that share the same label as the main post, but for some reason the images are missing from the linked posts, just showing a gray box above each one. Any ideas? thanks.

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