This is not yet another post about the troubles and perils we had to suffer because of COVID. It’s a quick glimpse of some of the statistics from the projects and tools I made or managed in 2020.

ScratchTheWeb, my all-time favorite investment I ever made is doing pretty well despite not really publishing anything new on this site in 2020.

From January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020, was visited by over 37K users and had over 70K pageviews. I’m very impressed by these stats because I haven’t really added anything new on this site.

I was running Google Adsense on this site till 9th November and it earned about $100 during this period. I have stopped serving ads on the site since starting my new job at Automattic.

My 2021 plan for ScratchTheWeb is to revive it by writing weekly articles related to blogging on WordPress and other tools that bloggers would find useful. I also plan on making at least one theme for WordPress.

Blogger Related Posts Widget

Blogger Related Posts Widget is the most popular widget that I ever created. In 2020, this tool became highly popular and according to the latest statistics from December 2020, the Blogger Related Posts widget served related posts in Blogspot pages 500K times!

In 2021, I will explore the possibility of making a similar related posts plugin for WordPress.

YouTube Channel

Since my job at Automattic restricts me from helping users of the Blogger platform ( a competing product of ), I have now shifted my focus to YouTube. As a part of this, I had uploaded a couple of videos on my YouTube channel.

One of the videos was picked up by YouTube’s algorithm and it is getting over 27k views daily.

The channel currently has over 1.9K subscribers. The explosive growth in a video was not something I prepared for.

In 2021, my goal with the YouTube channel is to post travel-related videos and work my way with the current subscriber base to find my true 1000 fans.

Other 2021 goals

Travel is something that I dearly missed in 2021. It’s hard to get over the fact that I was invited to Google I/O in 2020 and that opportunity got canceled. In 2021, I hope to make up for the travels that got canceled in 2020.

Other than that, I will be exploring and investing in my newfound hobby of 3D printing and living a minimalist lifestyle.