I officially became part of Google’s Top Contributor program in April 2016 as a Rising Star. Later in the November of 2016, I got the opportunity to attend Top Contributor Meetup at Hyderabad. It was a great event with new experiences and lots of new faces. I heard about Google Top Contributor Summit there and I was told it would be even more exciting than the Meetup because at the Summit, Top Contributors from different parts of the world would be coming there and it would be a grand event at even better Google campus. It was my dream to attend the Top Contributor event ever since I heard about it.

Well, at this moment when I am writing this blog, it is no longer just a dream. It’s a memory now – a great memory with great experiences! I had got promoted to Top Contributor status in February earlier this year which gave me the opportunity to get invited to the Top Contributor Summit in Singapore.

The Google office in Singapore was the newly constructed Google office and also one of the largest Google campus. I got to interact with Top Contributors from countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Australia etc. It was my first time being in a space as diverse as this one.

After the Summit event, me and my Top Contributors friends explored various places in Singapore. My most favorite part was the time we spent at the Universal Studios Singapore and the Sentosa island. If you would like to read more of that, you can in my travel blog here: A short visit to Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa Island.

Here are some pics from my time in Singapore: