Twitter is a good platform to build an audience and stay in touch with them. Along with the help of relevant hashtags, you could share blog posts on Twitter and get new traffic to your blog. You may have noticed that sometimes tweets sharing links to other websites stand out from the rest of the tweets in the timeline with a nice thumbnail and a snippet from the linked page. Have you tried that for your Blogger blog, but it didn’t work? Well, in this article, I will show you how to get Twitter to show thumbnails for Blogger blogs.

Just in case you’re wondering, this is how Twitter Summary Card looks like.

Twitter Thumbnail Summary Card

A Twitter Thumbnail Summary Card

By default, Blogger blogs do not have support for Twitter Summary Cards. Hence, if you share your Blogspot blog on Twitter, it won’t show your tweet like in the screenshot above.

To implement Twitter Summary Card for Blogger, you would need to mess with some codes. However, I have made it easy as possible for you with our tool – Twitter Summary Card Generator for Blogger.

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How to Use Twitter Cards Generator Tool

Follow the below steps to use Twitter Card Generator Tool and make your Blogspot blog Twitter friendly.

  1. Enter the twitter username that you want to associate with your blog. This is an optional field and doesn’t make much difference. If your twitter username is “stwNigel”, then enter “@stwNigel” in the input box.
  2. Now select the size of summary card twitter should generate for your blog. Selecting the large size is recommended.
  3. Click Generate to see a sample preview of the summary card that Twitter would show.
  4. Click on Copy code button to copy the generated code to your clipboard.
    Twitter thumbnails for Blogger blogs
  5. Once the code is copied, head on to your Blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML and paste the copied code after the <head> tag.
    Twitter Links Thumbnail Previews For Blogger
  6. Once pasted, click on Save theme to save the changes.
  7. Now Twitter should show summary cards or thumbnail previews from your blog.

I hope you found this guide helpful to use our Twitter Summary Cards for Blogger tool. If you are facing any issue with getting it to work, feel free to reach out for help by commenting down below.